13 Feng Shui Tattoos That Match the Wood Element

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing energy within our surroundings, offers a unique perspective on how various elements influence our lives. One of these elements is Wood, which represents growth, vitality, and expansion. People often seek to incorporate the Wood element into their lives through decor, fashion, or even tattoos. In this article, we’ll explore 13 Feng Shui tattoos that resonate with the Wood element and can help you harness its energy.

  1. Bamboo Tattoo

Bamboo is a quintessential representation of the Wood element in Feng Shui. Its tall, upright growth symbolizes growth and resilience. A bamboo tattoo on your body can be a reminder to stand tall, be flexible, and keep growing in life.

  1. Tree of Life Tattoo

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol of interconnectedness and vitality. A tattoo of a flourishing tree can bring the Wood element’s rejuvenating energy into your life and remind you of your own growth potential.

  1. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are a beautiful representation of the Wood element. They symbolize renewal and the transient nature of life. A cherry blossom tattoo can help you embrace change and appreciate the fleeting beauty of each moment.

  1. Leaves and Vines Tattoo

Leaves and vines are intricate and versatile symbols of growth and flexibility. Consider a tattoo featuring these elements to invoke the Wood element’s essence and encourage adaptability in your life.

  1. Green Dragon Tattoo

In Chinese culture, the Green Dragon is a symbol of growth, vitality, and abundance. A Green Dragon tattoo can inspire you to embrace new opportunities and overcome obstacles on your path to success.

  1. Forest Scene Tattoo

A tattoo depicting a lush forest scene not only connects you with the Wood element but also serves as a reminder of the power of nature. It encourages you to seek solace and inspiration in natural


  1. Acorn Tattoo

An acorn represents the potential for great growth and transformation. Consider an acorn tattoo to symbolize the Wood element’s energy of starting small but reaching great heights.

  1. Wooden Door Tattoo

In Feng Shui, a wooden door signifies opportunity and protection. A tattoo of a wooden door can represent opening new doors in your life while safeguarding what’s important to you.

  1. Bonsai Tree Tattoo

Bonsai trees are miniature yet robust, symbolizing the ability to nurture and grow something beautiful in a small space. This tattoo can inspire you to cultivate your potential, no matter your circumstances.

  1. Ivy Tattoo

Ivy, with its tenacity and ability to thrive in various conditions, is a powerful representation of the Wood element. An ivy tattoo can remind you to persevere and adapt, no matter the challenges you face.

  1. Green Swirls Tattoo

Green swirls or spirals can be a subtle yet effective way to incorporate the Wood element into your tattoo. These patterns represent growth, expansion, and the flow of energy.

  1. Forest Animal Tattoo

Animals like deer, squirrels, and birds that inhabit woodlands can be included in your tattoo to connect with the Wood element. These creatures symbolize adaptability and survival.

  1. Chinese Calligraphy for “Wood”

For those who prefer a more minimalist approach, consider a tattoo of the Chinese calligraphy character for “Wood” (木). This simple yet elegant design embodies the essence of the Wood element.


Feng Shui teaches us that the elements have a profound impact on our lives, and embracing the Wood element can bring growth, vitality, and abundance. These 13 Feng Shui tattoos offer unique ways to connect with the Wood element’s energy and incorporate its positive influence into your life. Whether you choose a bamboo tattoo to stand tall or a cherry blossom tattoo to appreciate life’s transient beauty, these symbols can serve as constant reminders to harness the power of Wood.


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