Awe-Inspiring Technology: Unleashing Extreme Power in These Machines

In today’s industrial landscape, heavy vehicles such as cranes and other machinery often need to venture off-road to reach their designated worksites. This is where the Roadway Kit comes into play—a custom-designed route tailored for rocky terrains that heavy-duty vehicles must conquer.

With the capability to withstand vehicles with a gross weight of up to 150 tons repeatedly passing over it without causing any damage to the aluminum structure, the Roadway Kit is a game-changer. It can be seamlessly deployed on riverbanks, verges, marshlands, snow, and sand, all within just five minutes, covering a trackway spanning 40 meters.

Additionally, the Combisc3 Straddle Carrier proves to be a powerful asset in the world of heavy cargo and container transport. This versatile carrier can handle double-stacked containers, mechanically locking them while elevating with rope and wire to a working height of 265 inches. With a lifting capacity of 35 tons, it can swiftly remove containers from trucks in just 30 to 40 seconds, and for added convenience, a remote control version is also available.

When it comes to autumn leaf collection, the Titan Leaf Company reigns supreme with their colossal vacuum cleaners. Equipped with an 84 horsepower diesel engine, a 50-gallon aluminum fuel tank featuring an integrated gauge, a 16-inch rigid discharge nozzle, and a 4-foot hose, these machines make leaf collection a breeze. Easily attachable to trucks, they streamline debris removal effortlessly.

For offshore wind turbine cable installation on beaches, the Sunfish Plow emerges as a specialized solution. Measuring 26 meters in length, 10.6 meters in width, and 8.25 meters in height, with a sizeable undercarriage spanning 16.1 meters, this machine can bury a 500-meter-long cable in just one hour. Its distinctive V-shaped plow allows it to reach depths of 5 meters in water and dig a trench as deep as 1.8 meters.

Last but not least, the Jalaru D97 stands as one of the largest snow blowers for snow dump sites. Watch the D97 undergo rigorous testing in a water basin, evaluating its engine capacity at full throttle, cooling system performance, and the behavior of other mechanical components.

After the test, meticulous inspection ensures there are no leaks, excessive vibrations, overheating, or any other issues. Capable of clearing 8500 metric tons of snow in just one hour and throwing snow up to 180 feet, the D97 is a snow-clearing powerhouse.

These remarkable machines are transforming heavy-duty tasks, ensuring efficiency, durability, and performance in challenging environments.

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