Bayern Munich boss ‘gambling’, Thomas Tuchel hunched over to shoulder the debt

Bayern Munich just received a heavy defeat 0-3 on the field of Man City this morning. After the game, coach Thomas Tuchel stood up to take full responsibility for himself. But really, if he makes 1 error, the Bavarian team leader makes 10 errors.
New coach Thomas Tuchel has been appointed to replace Julian Nagelsmann to lead Bayern Munich since early April. He has just had experience on the bench of “Gray Lobster” through 4 matches, with a very pathetic record. Bayern Munich led by Tuchel lost 1-2 to Freiburg, thereby being knocked out of the German Cup. And in the Champions League arena, they have just been defeated by Man City 3 goals without removing.

With the humiliating defeat at Etihad on the morning of April 12, the door to winning tickets to the semi-finals of the most traditional rich team in Germany is very narrow.
After the embarrassing defeat at Man City, coach Tuchel apologized to fans of Bayern Munich. The 49-year-old strategist affirmed that, as the person in charge of the pole, he would like to take on the greatest responsibility. Tuchel committed to Bayern Munich fans: “The 0-3 defeat in the first leg is a very difficult result to correct. It was a huge mountain that was not easy to cross. But I certainly won’t allow my players to give up. We will fight until the last minute.”

Although coach Tuchel apologized, he was not the main culprit leading to the bad results in the past time of Bayern Munich. This military leader has only spent less than 2 weeks leading the “Gray Lobster”. He had too little time to learn and adjust the students. In the post-match press conference, Tuchel did not hesitate to look directly at the current problem of Bayern Munich: “The team’s finishing in this match is clearly problematic. I think our players are lacking the necessary confidence, besides the decline in form.”

The “last boss” responsible for Bayern Munich’s recent consecutive falls in the German Cup and Champions League must be the big bosses at Allianz, headed by chief executive Oliver Kahn. In early April, they hastily sacked coach Julian Nagelsmann to look forward to a boost at a pivotal stage of the season. They look to Tuchel’s charm – like how he was appointed as Chelsea’s head coach mid-season and led the London team to win the Champions League in the 2020/21 season.

But Tuchel is not a “living saint”. Less than 2 weeks is not enough for the 49-year-old strategist to make a push for Bayern Munich. On the contrary, the decision to change the general in the middle of the unexpected line of the Bavarian team’s leadership led to chaos, disorientation and the unstoppable decline of the “Gray Lobster”. In the last match against Man City, if Nagelsmann was on the bench, perhaps things would not have been so bad.

With a very good understanding of the psychology and performance points of his students, it is possible that Nagelsmann will use Sadio Mane instead of Serger Gnabry in the front line, using experienced Thomas Mueller instead of Jamal Musiala in the role of No. 10.
Undoubtedly, the decision to fire Nagelsmann midway to appoint Tuchel was a change of generals going into… underground of the leadership of Bayern Munich. There is no mention here between Nagelsmann and Tuchel who is better than whom. The problem is timing. Kahn and his associates made the decision to change when Bayern Munich most needed stability.

This more or less leads to the psychological influence of the players, not to mention they have to adapt to the training methods, as well as the new tactical system that coach Tuchel is trying to apply at Allianz. . It must be recalled that, before with Nagelsmann, Bayern Munich was “peaceful” in the Champions League with 8 wins.

That said, in the 0-3 defeat of the home team against Man City this morning, coach Tuchel made an error of 1, the leader of Bayern Munich, led by Kahn, the chief executive officer, error 10!

The bosses at Allianz were clearly “greedy to leave the tray”!

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