Champions League Hero Bernardo Silva’s Girlfriend Stuns in Swimsuit – A Look at Ines Tomasz’s Beach Style

Ines Tomasz, a 23-year-old model from Portugal, recently turned heads as she posed in a daring cut-out swimsuit while supporting her boyfriend, Manchester City star Bernardo Silva.

Tomasz’s fashion choice may have caught some attention, but fans were more interested in her unwavering support for Silva, who scored City’s first goal in a 2-0 victory over Burnley. Let’s delve into the details of this fashionable couple and Tomasz’s rise as a popular model on social media.

During Manchester City’s recent triumph over Burnley, Ines Tomasz stood out in a bold cut-out swimsuit as she cheered on her boyfriend, Bernardo Silva. Silva, 27, played a pivotal role in securing City’s victory by scoring the opening goal.

Tomasz’s presence in the stands showcased her unwavering support for Silva, and their relationship seems to be thriving both on and off the field.

Originating from Lisbon, Portugal, Tomasz shares a hometown with Silva, creating a special connection between the two. While Silva is recognized for his football skills, Tomasz has gained attention for her stunning looks and modeling career.

Her Instagram feed is filled with glamorous bikini photos that highlight her curvaceous figure, earning her around 87,000 followers who eagerly follow her travel adventures.

Tomasz’s modeling career has flourished, thanks to her natural beauty and confidence. With an emphasis on green brands that promote environmental respect and care, Tomasz aligns her work with her values.

Her commitment to supporting sustainable fashion and eco-friendly initiatives demonstrates her dedication to making a positive impact in the industry.

Ines Tomasz and Bernardo Silva’s love story blossomed during the coronavirus lockdown when they sought refuge with friends in a spacious house near Lisbon. Silva, who had previously dated French model Alicia Verrando, confirmed that he has found love again with Tomasz.

Their relationship has captured the attention of fans, who admire the couple’s chemistry and Tomasz’s unwavering support for Silva’s football endeavors.

Ines Tomasz, a stunning model hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, has recently gained attention for her bold fashion choices and unwavering support for her boyfriend, Bernardo Silva. While Tomasz’s fashion sense may have turned heads, fans are more interested in her commitment to cheering on Silva during his football matches.

With a successful modeling career and a focus on sustainable fashion, Tomasz continues to captivate her growing social media following. As their love story unfolds, Tomasz and Silva remain a fashionable and dynamic couple both on and off the field.


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