Clash of Giants: Anglers’ Epic Battle with a 200kg Giant Carp Captures Interest

A giant carp weighing 200 kg has just been caught by a British angler after 80 minutes of fighting with it in a lake in Thailand.

The person who caught the giant fish on was John Harvey, 42 years old, from England. John’s fish caught broke the previous world record held by a Siamese carp weighing 46 kg.

John said he’s been fishing since he was 3 years old. He caught this giant carp in the Palm Tree Lagoon in Chedi Hak, southern Thailand. John celebrated this memorable event by offering beer to all the anglers at the lake.

Talking about the process of fishing the fish, John said: “As soon as it took a bite, I knew it was a big fish. It didn’t put up a great deal of resistance, but its massive weight was enough to make it difficult for me.” John said he felt “extremely stressed” at the time.

As the carp was slowly pulled out of the water, John couldn’t believe his eyes, because it was so big.

“After 80 minutes, I finally pulled the fish to shore. And I couldn’t believe my eyes, because it was so big. When we put it on the scale, I couldn’t believe its weight,” he said.

The carp that John caught weighed up to 105kg. John needed the help of two other anglers to lift the carp to take a commemorative photo.

“Holding a record is something that I feel proud of,” says John. Everyone wants to take pictures with my carp.”

“I’m just an ordinary angler so I really feel sorry for the others because they spent a lot of money but didn’t catch anything that big,” John confided.

John is a real estate investor. He has lived in Pattaya, Thailand with his girlfriend Jenny Jaikumkao, 33 years old, for the past 14 years.

The fish that John caught was a Siamese carp. This is the largest carp in the world. They are found in their natural habitat in river basins in Asia.

During a holiday in Hungary, a British tourist accidentally caught a giant fish weighing about 51 kg, belonging to the carp family.

An avid fisherman, Martin Davidson from Leicester City (UK) spent two weeks at Euro Aqua Lake before catching this giant fish.

“I go fishing not to find a world record, but just as a hobby. Lake Euro Aqua has a lot of large carp, estimated to be more than a hundred weighing 31 kg or more,” said Martin.

According to this British tourist, during 2 weeks by the lake, he did not mind the rain and wind, sometimes even the wind reached 60 km / h and used a lot of bait every day before catching the “super big” fish. giant”

The carp family includes many species of freshwater fish that live mainly in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Talking about giant carp must mention the Siamese carp, which lives in the natural environment in river basins in Asia.

Siamese carp is the largest species of carp in the world, living in rivers in Thailand. This is also a place that attracts famous anglers from all over the world to conquer. They are inherently slow moving, eat vegetables, algae, do not eat live animals.

In July 2019, a British tourist named John Harvey caught a 105kg Siamese carp after struggling for 80 minutes under the Palm Tree Lagoon in Chedi Hak, southern Thailand.

With this achievement, Mr. Harvey said he was looking forward to breaking the world record. He and his friends had a party right at the lake after successfully conquering the giant fish.

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