Erling Haaland and his Girlfriend don matching outfits at Man City’s Premier League celebration 

Manchester City’s Premier League title celebrations reached new heights as star striker Erling Haaland and his girlfriend, Isabel Johansen, stole the limelight in matching pajamas at an exclusive all-night party.

The victory over Chelsea secured City’s third consecutive league title, prompting a euphoric celebration that spilled from the pitch to a lavish nightclub. Haaland, known for his goal-scoring prowess, has been instrumental in City’s success this season, netting an impressive 36 goals in his debut Premier League campaign.

The iconic image of Haaland and Johansen donning matching pajamas encapsulates the unforgettable memories created during this remarkable milestone for Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City clinched the Premier League title in dramatic fashion, with Arsenal’s defeat against Nottingham Forest confirming City’s championship status. As the final home game against Chelsea approached, anticipation soared among fans and players alike.

Julian Alvarez’s goal kick-started the celebrations at the Etihad Stadium, and the party continued well into the night. Supporters remained behind to witness their heroes lift the trophy, marking their place in football history.

After the exhilarating scenes at the Etihad Stadium, the focus shifted to an exclusive Manchester nightclub, MNKY HSE, where the majority of the Manchester City squad celebrated their victory.

Among the prominent figures at the party, Erling Haaland stood out, donning sky blue silk pajamas embellished with his initials, while his girlfriend, Isabel Johansen, mirrored his style with her matching attire.

The couple’s coordinated choice of attire added a touch of glamour to the festivities, symbolizing the unity and joy shared within the City camp.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Erling Haaland expressed his delight at being part of Manchester City’s historic campaign, emphasizing the lasting impact it has made on his life. The all-night title party served as a testament to the team’s unity and camaraderie, with Haaland’s father, Alf-Inge, joining the celebrations.

Although not clad in matching pajamas, Haaland’s choice of a blue shirt showcased his commitment to the club’s colors. The presence of significant others alongside the players further emphasized the support system that has been integral to Manchester City’s journey to the pinnacle of English football.

Manchester City’s Premier League triumph was celebrated in grand style, with the team’s star striker Erling Haaland and his girlfriend, Isabel Johansen, capturing attention in matching pajamas at an exclusive all-night party.

The victory marked City’s third consecutive league title and highlighted their dominance in English football. Haaland’s outstanding goal-scoring exploits have been pivotal to the team’s success, making him a fan favorite and a key figure in City’s title-winning campaign.

The image of Haaland and Johansen in their coordinated pajamas will be forever etched in the memories of football enthusiasts worldwide, symbolizing the joy and togetherness that defined Manchester City’s triumphant night of celebration.


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