Erling Haaland Surprises Ice Cream Seller by Serving Customers at Man City Celebration

Ejaz Azam, an ice cream seller in Manchester City, was in for a delightful surprise when he encountered star striker Erling Haaland helping him serve ice cream to customers on the night of June 12.

While Ejaz had been busy serving hundreds of people at Man City’s championship celebration, Haaland unexpectedly appeared wearing silk pajamas adorned with three medals for their English Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League triumphs. Amazed by this encounter, Ejaz Azam shared his experience, expressing his joy and pride at serving alongside the young football prodigy.

Born in 2000, Erling Haaland has become a renowned Norwegian football star, drawing comparisons to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo alongside Kylian Mbappe. His impressive performances in Borussia Dortmund’s jersey propelled him to global recognition before his move to Manchester City last summer.

In his debut season with the “sky blue” team, Haaland played a crucial role in their triumphant campaign, securing the English Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League titles. Furthermore, he claimed the prestigious top scorer title, setting new records for Premier League goals.

Ejaz Azam, a dedicated ice cream seller known for his work in Chadderton and Firwood, had been diligently serving ice cream to the jubilant crowd during Man City’s championship celebration. After attending to hundreds of customers, Ejaz decided to halt his sales. However, it was at this precise moment that Erling Haaland made his appearance.

Initially unaware of the young football star’s identity, Ejaz turned his back, informing Haaland that he had closed the shop and would no longer be serving anyone. Realizing the misunderstanding, someone accompanying Haaland revealed the striker’s identity, prompting Ejaz to eagerly invite him into his ice cream truck.

To Ejaz’s delight, Haaland graciously accepted the invitation and began serving ice cream to approximately 10 to 15 customers. Eventually, Haaland even took the initiative to make his own snow ice cream, proclaiming Ejaz’s delectable treats as delicious. The ice cream seller couldn’t contain his happiness and pride at this unexpected encounter with the football sensation.

Erling Haaland and Ejaz Azam crossed paths on the evening of Man City’s celebratory night, which continued at a nightclub following a vibrant parade in honor of the team’s three championship titles. Haaland was accompanied by his girlfriend, Isabel Johansen.

Prior to this eventful encounter, Haaland and some of his teammates had flown to Ibiza for a brief party session. The festivities were a result of Man City’s victorious triumph over Inter Milan in the Champions League final, which took place in Istanbul on June 11.

Ejaz Azam’s encounter with Erling Haaland during the Man City celebration was a moment of unexpected joy and pride for the ice cream seller. Haaland’s graciousness and willingness to lend a hand demonstrated his down-to-earth nature despite his rising fame as a football superstar.

This incident highlights the power of chance encounters, bringing together individuals from different walks of life and creating unforgettable memories. Ejaz Azam will undoubtedly cherish this unique experience of serving ice cream alongside one of the brightest talents in the football world, leaving an indelible mark on his career as an ice cream seller in Manchester City.


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