Football commentary Manchester City vs Leicester on April 15

Man City vs Leicester performance analysis
Despite being behind Arsenal in the race to win the Premier League, Man City is still showing the level of a team that has regularly won the Premier League in recent years. They just made a strong impression when they crushed Bayern Munich 3-0 in the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2022/23. This is Man City’s 9th victory in all competitions, a remarkable achievement.

If Man City is winning like splitting bamboo, Leicester will make the fans constantly disappointed. This team has just lost 3 matches in a row and in the last 9 matches they have to receive 8 defeats, the remaining match is a draw. With such a bad record, it is not surprising that Leicester are ranked at the bottom of the table. They have 25 points and only 2 more points than the bottom team Southampton, equivalent to 2 draws.

In the first leg, Leicester, despite having the home advantage, still lost to Man City with a minimum score. They are not supported by history when receiving 43 defeats in 89 encounters with Man City. In the opposite direction, Man City only lost 28 matches and the remaining 18 draws. Particularly for the last 5 encounters with the Foxes, they won 4 and lost only 1 match.

Latest Man City vs Leicester information
In the welcome screen to Leicester, Man City will not have the service of Phil Foden because the English winger has not recovered from injury. Meanwhile, midfielder Kevin De Bruyne’s ability to play is unclear. On the Leicester side, two defenders James Justin and Jannik Vestergaard are still in the recovery phase. With Ryan Bertrand and Youri Tielemans, the pair’s ability to play is still open.
Expected lineups Man City vs Leicester
Man City (4-2-3-1): Ederson, Manuel Akanji, Ruben Dias, Nathan Ake, John Stones, Rodri, Riyad Mahrez, Kevin De Bruyne, Ilkay Gundogan, Jack Grealish, Erling Haaland
Leicester (4-3-3): Daniel Iversen, Ricardo Pereira, Daniel Amatey, Wout Faes, Timothy Castagne, Victor Kristiansen, Wilfred Ndidi, Boubakary Soumare, James Maddison, Jamie Vardy, Kelechi Iheanacho
Check the house for the match Man City vs Leicester
Corners: All the last 4 matches between the two teams have at least 11 corners. The same thing happened in the last 4 matches of Leicester. With the corner bet at 10 draws, investors should choose the corner for the next match.

Few yellow cards: The last 4 matches of Man City and the last 4 matches between the two teams took place under the same scenario, that is, there are only 3 times when the referee draws a yellow card. Based on the above fact, it would be risky to predict the next match about yellow cards.
Man City won the Asian bet: Leicester is a fear for investors when losing the last 8/9 matches. Meanwhile, Man City won the last 5 matches. It is likely that in the next match, those who put their faith in Man City will return to profit.
Football experts predict the match Man City vs Leicester
According to Josue Seixas – reporter for Sambafoot, Man City vs Leicester is too different a match. With home field advantage and outstanding strength, Man City will easily earn all 3 points.

Man City and Leicester are showing two completely opposite images. With high form, supported by history and still playing at home, it is strange for Man City to not win against Leicester.

Prediction: 4-1


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