Haaland’s chase for Ronaldo and Messi heats up in a thrilling pursuit

Erling Haaland is making Premier League defenders small as he continues to smash scoring records.

On April 15, the Man City striker turned other strikers in the Premier League into idiots. The way he broke Mohamed Salah’s scoring record with 32 goals was really too easy, giving fans the feeling that the 22-year-old striker “cheated” or football was like a simple jigsaw puzzle with the nose. this sharp.
Haaland only needed 28 matches to reach 32 goals in the Premier League. The all-time single-season goal record in England’s top flight is 34, held by Andy Cole in 1993/94 and Alan Shearer in 1994/95. It doesn’t take a genius IQ to predict what will happen to Haaland in the near future.

In 2020, Haaland first attracted the attention of the football world, he scored 9 goals in a match at the final round of the Under-20 World Cup. That day, Honduras became a “victim” of the Norwegian spearhead.
Since then, Haaland has continuously broken goalscoring records, first with RB Salzburg. Next, he exploded with Borussia Dortmund and now Man City.
Fans are talking a lot about Haaland’s “limited” concept. However, the limit is set to be broken. And the 22-year-old Norwegian striker step by step does it on English soil.

Haaland – The one chosen to break the record

Haaland’s meteoric rise and the gradual decline of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – mainly due to age – provide fans with a foresight. The Norwegian striker is on the way to conquering the record set by two seniors.

Messi and Ronaldo have dominated the world for over a decade and a half, with the duo sharing 12 Ballon d’Or. They also set standards for goalscoring, at both club and national team level.

So the question now is, what must Haaland continue to do and how long will it take to catch the record set by Ronaldo and Messi?

In terms of age, Haaland is far ahead of the Argentinian and Portuguese seniors when they are 23 years old (in terms of scoring record – PV). At club and national team level, Haaland has 201 goals in 244 matches. Meanwhile, with a similar age, Messi scored 140 goals in 262 games, while Ronaldo scored 102 goals in 303 games.

Haaland will turn 23 in July, meaning he can fully up his game. In the context that Man City still has the opportunity to win the treble in the 2022/23 season, the Norwegian striker is expected to continue adding more goals to the scoreboard.

However, it should be noted that Messi and Ronaldo were never the central strikers, who attracted all of the team’s assists, in their early years. Ronaldo was heavily used as a winger at Manchester United, while Messi was part of the attacking trio at Barca.

Moreover, Messi and Ronaldo both reached the peak of power at the later stage of their careers. Messi was in his best form in 2012, when he scored 91 goals in the calendar year, Haaland’s achievement is difficult to surpass even when he is rapidly advancing.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo scored nearly 400 goals after turning 30. He was like the “tree of life” of world football. The older the player, the better and more effective he is.

On the front for the national team, Ronaldo leads the scoring book with 122 goals in 198 appearances. Although Haaland has a much higher goal-scoring rate than his senior, the opportunity to surpass Ronaldo will face a big obstacle. Norway is too small compared to Portugal. They are not “regular guests” in the World Cup or EURO.

What stops Haaland?

After Man City’s 3-1 victory over Leicester on April 15, journalist Richard Martin of Goal said that the only person who could stop Haaland from scoring was… Pep Guardiola, because the Spanish teacher often gave him lessons. leave early. And Alf Ingve Berntsen, Haaland’s first coach, believes that “only boredom (with scoring – PV) can stop Haaland.

“If injury, but mainly boredom, does not appear, then nothing can stop Haaland. Haaland is still the same in many ways: likes to train, score goals and laugh,” said Alf Ingve Berntsen. told El Periodico de España.

Haaland’s scoring rate at the moment is extraordinary (more than 1 goal per game). If they maintain a stable performance and continue to play for a dominant team like Man City, it is not unreasonable to expect the Norwegian spearhead to break the records of Messi and Ronaldo. Specifically, if Haaland plays an average of 60 games a year, then after the next 15 seasons, he will have scored 938 career goals, a number that far exceeds the achievements of Messi and Ronaldo combined.

Haaland has a very good start in the race to conquer the terrifying records set by Messi and Ronaldo. However, Ronaldo and Messi created their own dynasty with football that has been stable over time. With Haaland, things get more difficult as he gets older.

Haaland’s chase with Ronaldo and Messi began to be intense. But as long as the Norwegian striker plays for the right club and avoids injuries, this race will no longer be attractive.


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