Man City’s £300m Revamp Plan: Sky Bar, Rooftop Walkway, Hotel & Stadium Expansion

Manchester City Football Club has recently unveiled a £300m plan to revamp their Etihad Stadium, with the aim of creating an unparalleled matchday experience for fans. The project will include a host of exciting new features, such as a Sky Bar, rooftop walkway, hotel, and stadium expansion.

The Sky Bar will be situated on the roof of the Etihad Stadium, offering fans stunning panoramic views of the city skyline. This new facility will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 fans, and will feature a range of food and drink options. It is expected to be a popular pre-match destination for fans looking to soak up the atmosphere before the game.

Another key feature of the revamp is the rooftop walkway, which will provide fans with a unique perspective of the stadium and the surrounding area. The walkway will be situated on the roof of the South Stand, and will be accessible via a lift. It is expected to be a popular attraction for fans and tourists alike, and will provide a new way to experience the stadium.

The addition of a hotel is also a significant development for the club. The hotel will be located adjacent to the stadium, and will feature 238 rooms, including 16 suites. It will offer fans the opportunity to stay in close proximity to the stadium, and will also be available for non-matchday bookings. The hotel is expected to be completed in 2023, and will be managed by the renowned hotel group, Hilton.

Finally, the stadium expansion will see the capacity of the Etihad Stadium increase from 55,000 to 63,000. This will be achieved through the addition of an extra tier to the South Stand, as well as the creation of new hospitality and seating areas throughout the stadium. The expansion will ensure that Manchester City can continue to attract large crowds to their home games, and will also provide fans with more options for seating and viewing the match.

The revamp of the Etihad Stadium is a significant investment for Manchester City Football Club, and is part of the club’s wider strategy to provide the best possible matchday experience for fans. The new facilities are expected to attract more visitors to the stadium, and will help to cement Manchester City’s position as one of the leading football clubs in the world.

In addition to the new facilities, the revamp of the Etihad Stadium will also provide a boost to the local economy. The construction of the new facilities will create hundreds of new jobs, and the increased footfall around the stadium is likely to benefit local businesses and restaurants.

Overall, the £300m revamp plan for the Etihad Stadium is an exciting development for Manchester City Football Club and their fans. The new facilities will provide a unique and memorable matchday experience, and will help to ensure that the club remains at the forefront of the footballing world.

With the project set to be completed in the coming years, fans can look forward to a bright future for Manchester City and the Etihad Stadium.


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