Manchester City star Phil Foden shows off his great fishing record in Spain after the draw with Real Madrid

Manchester City’s Phil Foden is not only a talented footballer but also an avid angler. The 21-year-old midfielder recently shared his love for fishing by posting pictures of his impressive catches on social media.

Foden, who is currently on holiday in Spain, has been spending his time fishing in the country’s picturesque lakes and rivers. He has been successful in catching some huge fish, including carp and catfish, which he proudly displayed in his photos.

The footballer’s love for fishing is not new. He has been fishing since he was a child and has always found it to be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. Foden has previously spoken about how fishing helps him to switch off from the pressures of football and clear his mind.

In one of his recent posts, Foden shared a picture of himself holding a massive catfish that he had caught. The fish was so big that it took two people to hold it up for the photo. Foden captioned the picture, “Another big catfish caught in Spain.”

Foden’s fishing skills have impressed not only his fans but also his Manchester City teammates. In an interview with Sky Sports, City defender John Stones revealed that Foden is the best angler in the team.

“He’s the best fisherman in the squad, by far,” Stones said. “He’s always talking about it, and he’s always catching the biggest fish. He’s got a real passion for it.”

Foden’s fishing hobby has also caught the attention of fishing enthusiasts around the world. Many have praised him for his impressive catches and have even offered him tips and advice on how to improve his fishing skills.

Manchester City midfielder Phil Foden has been making headlines both on and off the pitch lately. After helping his team secure a 2-1 victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League, Foden took some time off to indulge in his favorite hobby – fishing.

The 20-year-old footballer shared a picture on his Instagram account, showing off his impressive fishing record in Spain. Foden caught a whopping 18 fish during his trip, including a 30-pound carp and a 20-pound catfish.

Fishing has been a passion of Foden’s since he was a child, and he often takes time off from his busy football schedule to go fishing. In fact, he has previously spoken about how fishing helps him relax and clear his mind.

Foden’s fishing trip came after a successful performance against Real Madrid in the Champions League. The young midfielder played a crucial role in City’s victory, setting up Gabriel Jesus for the opening goal and putting in a solid all-around performance.

Foden has been in excellent form for Manchester City this season, establishing himself as a key player in Pep Guardiola’s squad. He has scored 13 goals and provided 10 assists in all competitions, and his performances have earned him praise from fans and pundits alike.

The young midfielder has also been called up to the England national team, and he will be hoping to make an impact at this summer’s European Championships.

Foden’s fishing trip may have been a welcome break from football, but he will soon be back on the pitch as Manchester City continue their pursuit of the Premier League title and Champions League glory.

In conclusion, Phil Foden’s love for fishing is just as impressive as his football skills. His passion for the sport has earned him a reputation as one of the best anglers in the Manchester City squad. As he continues to catch huge fish in Spain, fans can’t wait to see what he will catch next.


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