Meet Man City and Arsenal’s Glamorous WAGs Ahead of Their Matchup: From Flight Attendant to Reality Star

The Premier League is not just about the players on the field, but also their significant others, who are often referred to as WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). Ahead of the matchup between Manchester City and Arsenal, let’s take a closer look at some of the glamorous WAGs of both teams.

One of the most well-known WAGs of Manchester City is Joana Sanz, who is a model and a former flight attendant. Sanz is married to City’s star midfielder, Dani Ceballos. Another notable WAG is Daniella Semaan, who is the partner of City’s veteran defender, Cesar Azpilicueta. Semaan is a reality TV star and a fashion designer. Additionally, Bernardo Silva’s partner, Ines Tomaz, is a fashion influencer and a blogger.

On the Arsenal side, one of the most prominent WAGs is Ruby Mae, who is the girlfriend of Arsenal’s star midfielder, Dele Alli. Mae is a model and an Instagram influencer. Additionally, Nicola Vargas is the partner of Arsenal’s left-back, Kieran Tierney. Vargas is a model and a social media influencer.

Some other notable WAGs of both teams include:

Sasha Attwood: Long-term girlfriend of Jack Grealish, one of City’s star midfielders.

Taylor Ward: Married to Riyad Mahrez, City’s Algerian winger. They had a baby together last year.

Isabel Haugseng Johansen: Reported girlfriend of Erling Haaland, City’s Norwegian striker.

Sara Dalglish: Married to Ilkay Gundogan, City’s German midfielder. They tied the knot in 2022.

Megan Irwin: Engaged to Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal’s goalkeeper. They got engaged last year.

Vlada Zinchenko: Wife of Oleksandr Zinchenko, former City player who moved to Arsenal. She is now an avid Arsenal fan.

Gabriella Figueredo: Married to Gabriel Magalhaes, Arsenal’s Brazilian defender.

It’s important to note that these WAGs are not just arm candy, but they have their own successful careers and social media followings. They often use their platform to support their partners and engage with fans.

In conclusion, the WAGs of Manchester City and Arsenal are an important part of the Premier League culture. They bring glamour, style, and personality to the football world. Whether they’re models, influencers, or reality TV stars, they have their own unique stories and careers. As fans, we can appreciate their contributions to the football world and look forward to seeing them support their partners in the upcoming match.


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