MU must pay more to get rid of “comedian” Maguire

Manchester United finds itself willing to invest a significant sum to facilitate the departure of Harry Maguire during the summer transfer window of 2023.

As the club looks to part ways with the defender, who has been labeled a “comedian” by critics, they are prepared to allocate funds to offset his salary demands at a potential new club.

Despite having two years left on his contract and earning £190,000 per week, Maguire is expected to accept a reduced wage, prompting Manchester United to contribute £10 million towards his exit.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Maguire’s future remains uncertain, with West Ham and Inter Milan expressing strong interest in acquiring the services of the English midfielder.

However, it is unlikely that Manchester United will recoup the £80 million they spent on his transfer. Instead, it is believed that Maguire’s market value has diminished to around £30 million, making him a more affordable option for potential suitors.

Following the FA Cup final against Manchester City on June 3, Maguire is expected to hold talks about his future with Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag.

The Dutch manager has indicated that he will not stand in the way of Maguire’s departure and acknowledges the competition for a starting position, particularly with the arrival of Raphael Varane.

While Ten Hag has praised Maguire’s commitment and leadership as captain, he recognizes the need for decisions to be made regarding the defender’s role at the club.

Maguire’s recent performance has come under scrutiny, resulting in him losing his starting position to Varane and Lisandro Martinez. England national team coach Gareth Southgate has emphasized that he cannot continue favoring Maguire if he does not receive regular playing time.

The defender himself acknowledges the situation and fears that a lack of opportunities at Manchester United next season could hinder his chances of being called up for the EURO 2024 tournament.

Manchester United is faced with the task of facilitating Harry Maguire’s departure from the club, as the defender seeks new opportunities elsewhere. The club’s willingness to allocate £10 million to offset his salary reflects their determination to move on from the player.

With interest from West Ham and Inter Milan, Maguire’s market value has reportedly decreased significantly. As discussions about his future take place between Maguire and coach Erik ten Hag, the defender remains aware of the potential implications for his international ambitions.

The summer transfer window promises to be a critical period for Maguire and Manchester United as they navigate the complexities of finding a suitable resolution for all parties involved.


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