MU wants to liquidate 13 stars this summer, including Maguire and Martial

The MU leadership will likely experience a busy summer 2023 transfer window, when considering the liquidation of 13 stars in the first team, including the duo Harry Maguire and Anthony Martial.
Coach Erik ten Hag is expected to oversee the liquidation of players at the end of the season, in order to comply with Financial Fair Play (FFP) principles and earn additional revenue to offset upcoming transfers. . And as revealed, up to 13 names may have to pack up and leave Old Trafford.

At the top of the list is Anthony Elanga, who has more than 12 teams that want to have the service of the winger. And the Swedish player is ready for a new challenge, when he cannot compete for a position on the attacking front, which has many good players of MU.

Eric Bailly played badly at Marseille and the French team did not want to activate the buy-out clause to own the Ivory Coast international. A £5 million fee will be activated after 19 league matches, but the Ligue 1 team are keen to send the 28-year-old back to the Manchester United team.

Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Alex Telles, Donny van de Beek, Brandon Williams and Anthony Martial all have question marks over their futures.

Victor Lindelof and Phil Jones are not mentioned on the list, but the duo have both been linked with their departure. Besides, Ten Hag is losing patience with winger Jadon Sancho.

Goalkeeper David De Gea has also yet to sign a new contract, although United are expecting the Spaniard to agree to the terms they have offered. In addition, the team is in no hurry to sell Scott McTominay, but has offered a price of £ 50 million for the Scottish midfielder amid the appearance of interested teams, as revealed by SunSport.

In parallel with the names that need to be liquidated, United have held meetings with representatives of the players they want, such as Leverkusen right-back Jeremie Frimpong. However, the first priority of Ten Hag and the BHL is still the striker, then the midfielder, central defender, right-back and possibly the goalkeeper.

Amad Diallo will most likely be given a chance in the first team, after a very good time on loan at Sunderland. Meanwhile, young midfielder Facundo Pellistri, 21, could be loaned out to gain more experience after a new contract is signed.

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