Neymar under investigation for gambling habit

Neymar Investigated for Alleged Illegal Online Poker Participation

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) football star Neymar Jr. is being investigated by the French national gaming authority (ANJ) for alleged illegal participation in online poker tournaments. According to RMC, ANJ is looking into allegations of gambling propaganda on online platforms and violation of regulations related to online gambling.

ANJ has found evidence that the Brazilian footballer played on a “piracy” website, which could have a negative impact on minors, given his significant influence. While Neymar’s illegal gambling behavior is clear, ANJ is continuing its investigation as the footballer has limited communication with his fans in French.

Neymar’s involvement in online poker games has been a subject of controversy, especially as he lost a significant amount of money in a recent exchange with fans. On March 30, Neymar played cards online with fans and lost one million euros in just over an hour. He covered his face and pretended to cry before quickly smiling to continue chatting with fans. Some have speculated that this was an advertising gimmick for the website he was collaborating with, aimed at increasing interaction on social networks.

Neymar has been a prominent figure in football, both on and off the pitch. He has made headlines for his skills on the field, his flamboyant style, and his high-profile transfers. However, his involvement in illegal online poker tournaments could harm his reputation and bring legal consequences.

Gambling regulations in France are strict, and the ANJ is responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations. The agency monitors online gambling activities, issues licenses, and investigates violations of gambling laws. ANJ has the power to impose fines, revoke licenses, and initiate legal proceedings against individuals and companies involved in illegal gambling activities.

Neymar is not the first footballer to face allegations of illegal gambling activities. In 2017, former England international Joey Barton was banned from football for 18 months after being found guilty of betting on matches. Barton admitted to placing bets on games in which he was involved, which is against Football Association rules.

The case of Neymar has raised concerns about the influence of footballers on young people and the need for stricter regulations on online gambling. Footballers have a significant impact on their fans, especially young people who idolize them. Their involvement in illegal activities could send the wrong message to their followers and harm their reputation.

In conclusion, the investigation into Neymar’s alleged illegal participation in online poker tournaments highlights the need for stricter regulations on online gambling and the responsibility of footballers to act as role models for their fans. The outcome of the investigation will determine the consequences for Neymar and could set a precedent for similar cases in the future.


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