Pele’s football-themed mausoleum opens to Public in Brazil

The mausoleum of Brazilian football legend Pele, located in the city of Santos, has been opened to the public. The mausoleum, which is part of the Necropole Ecumenical Monument, is billed as the tallest cemetery in the world and contains the remains of Pele’s father and brother.

The mausoleum features artificial grass on the floor, bronze statues of Pele at the entrance, and walls covered with photos of fans, giving the place the look and feel of a stadium.

The centerpiece of the mausoleum is Pele’s majestic tomb made of marble, with gold details and two surrounding mirror columns. The vertical sides of the tomb are shaped like a world championship trophy, and in the lower part, some moments from Pele’s sporting career are sculpted.

Edinho, Pele’s son, spoke to reporters at the mausoleum, saying, “We still feel very sad. We miss him so much, but we also feel very proud and happy for all the love and respect he has received.” Edinho added that the mausoleum was designed with “so much affection and love” and is “noble, simple and very pleasant.”

The mausoleum is open to visitors from 9 am to noon and from 2 to 6 pm. Registration is required on the cemetery’s website, and only 30 people are allowed inside in the morning and another 30 in the afternoon.

The Necropole Ecumenica Monument, which contains 14,000 burial vaults, was conceived by Argentine businessman Pepe Altstut and was inaugurated in 1991. The monument is located about 700 meters from Vila Belmiro Stadium, where Pele became a football legend.

Cosmo Damiao Cid, one of the founders of Torcida Jovem, a fan group that has supported Santos since 1969, spoke to EFE after spending some time inside the mausoleum.

Cid said he felt “very cool” when he first entered the mausoleum and described it as a “wonderful tribute.” He added, “He is eternal. Looks like everyone is embracing him. Any tribute to him is too little.”

In conclusion, the opening of Pele’s mausoleum in Santos is a tribute to the legendary Brazilian striker’s contribution to football.

The mausoleum, which is designed to look like a stadium, features a majestic tomb made of marble, with gold details and two surrounding mirror columns, and is sure to attract fans from around the world.

The mausoleum is part of the Necropole Ecumenica Monument, which is the tallest cemetery in the world and contains 14,000 burial vaults. Pele’s mausoleum will undoubtedly become a place of pilgrimage for football fans and admirers of the legendary striker.


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