Real Madrid star Eder Militao ‘falls in love’ with female TikToker million views

Real’s midfielder Eder Militao is showing off his form in the love scene when he “saw” the famous female TikToker in Brazil, Cassia Lourenco. Interestingly, the new girlfriend Cassia has a similar appearance to the former love of Real star Karoline Lima.

Eder Militao is experiencing the most uplifting and sweetest moments since his arrival at Real Madrid. The Brazilian midfielder has established himself as one of the best players in the world in his position.

Not only is the steel shield in the heart of Real’s defense, Militao is also appreciated for his ability to support the attack as well as being very charming in scoring in Real’s shirt.

In La Liga alone this season, Militao has shown how much he likes to score goals through 5 times conceding the opponent.

At the weekend, Militao and his Real teammates enjoyed the victory when Real beat away team Almeria at Bernabéu with a final score of 4-2 after 90 minutes of play.

This is a match where the Brazilian player has a special relay from the stands in the presence of his new lover Cassia Lourenco.
Through what Cassia shared on social networks, one can see images of her position in the Bernabeu stadium and a video clip recording the scene of the Brazilian star entering the field with Cassia.

“Then who is Cassia Lourenco?” That is of course a question that many people, especially Real fans, ask at the moment.

According to research, Cassia is an influential “hot girl” on social networks in Brazil and is currently shining on TikTok, where she has accumulated more than 125,000 followers and more than a million “likes” out of all. including her videos, in which she shows off her differences and creativity when posing in different ways with different outfits. All of that has created a special attraction in a very special, very special way of Cassia.

Need to know more Cassia is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and she is currently a fashion student. Not only is she very active on social networks, but Cassia also has another great passion of traveling.

Up to now, no one can know exactly where and under what circumstances the central defender of the Royal Spanish Club and the million-view TikToker in Brazil met and “catch up” with each other.

Therefore, it made Militao and Cassia receive more attention through the public display of affection.

Looks quite similar to Militao’s ex-lover

Referring to Militao, it is impossible to ignore the love affair with model and businesswoman Karoline Lima. The pink ball is considered Neymar’s rumored lover to start a relationship with Eder Militao from mid-2021. The two met at a party and fell in love with lightning.

The couple moved to live in Madrid from August 2021. The blonde Karoline planned to marry the Real Madrid midfielder according to the scenario of a grand wedding. But life is not as expected.

Karoline announced her separation from Militao when she was 38 weeks pregnant and was counting down the days to “break the jar”. In fact, it is not without reason that Karoline accepts to be a single mother even though she and Militao are about to welcome a baby.

Karoline Lima later revealed she was shocked when she learned that Militao cheated on her to have an affair with Tiffany Alvares, at a time when she was still pregnant. Not only that, Karoline also revealed another betrayal of the Real midfielder.

More specifically, Militao used the excuse of organizing a party for friends and brought his supposed secret lover, Larissa Maurina, here to dance and “sleep” with him.

Therefore, Karoline Lima, the mother of Militao’s daughter, Cecilia decided to say goodbye to the Brazilian midfielder. Worth mentioning, Militao’s new lover Cassia is very similar to his former lover Karoline.

Perhaps, this is also the reason why Militao decided to “smash” the famous female TikToker in Brazil.


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