Sir Alex Ferguson’s Apology: The Price of Ronaldo’s Greatness

Solskjaer was a player under Ferguson at Old Trafford, he won six Premier League titles, two FA Cups and the Champions League. The Norwegian legend returned to the Red Devils in 2018 to replace Jose Mourinho to lead the team, he spent 3 years in charge.

Ole’s final season as coach saw the return of attacking superstar Cristiano Ronaldo after 12 years away. However, it was not the reunion many were expecting, with CR7 appearing to have had a negative impact on the Red Devils.

At that time, Solskjaer tried to exploit the Portuguese superstar’s full potential and at one time put him on the bench in the clash with Everton on October 2, 2021, CR7 was finally launched on the pitch. , but the Red Devils only got a 1-1 draw against The Toffees.

At the time, a video emerged of Ferguson criticizing Ronaldo’s decision to sit on the bench against Everton. But Solskjaer has now revealed that the legendary former Scotland manager has called to personally apologize for the incident.

“That was the only time Sir Alex apologized to me. He was caught on a video saying: ‘You should always use your best players’, after Ronaldo started from the bench in the match. a match,”

“Ferguson called me and apologized because he knows how difficult it is. I’m smart enough to stay out of trouble. It’s hard to be Manchester United’s manager without coaches. former staff trying to give you advice.” Ole Solskjaer shared in the latest press conference.

At the time, Solskjaer insisted he had no problem with Ferguson’s comments being made public. And he even highlighted the fact that it was Ferguson who motivated his best players during his time in charge.

Ole added: “I’m pretty comfortable with that. I’ve disagreed with the coach a few times and I’ve told my wife quite a few times that I disagree with him, but that has never caused any problems. attention as a player, I’m sure Sir Alex knows it. It doesn’t bother me,” said Solskjaer.

“We all want to follow Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he’s unique, he’s different. Cristiano has had an illustrious career and everyone wants to come and watch him play. But the truth is clear. Cristiano can’t play every game.”

“Anyway, Sir Alex knows how difficult the job is. He doesn’t always play with the same 11 players. Sometimes he risks letting Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney or David Beckham rest – but the best player we’ve ever had. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”


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