Teen star MU Garnacho gives a goal to his soon-to-be son

Striker Alejandro Garnacho shared a sweet message for his soon-to-be son after scoring a 2-0 win for MU against Wolves on the evening of May 13.

After scoring in the final minutes of injury time last night, Garnacho put the ball in his stomach pretending to be pregnant and put his hand in his mouth to simulate the breastfeeding action of babies. On Instagram after the game, the teenage winger posted a photo with the words: “Daddy loves football, I’m waiting for Enzo”.

On May 1, the star was born in 2004 and his childhood girlfriend Eva announced the good news that she was about to have her first child. The young couple posted a series of photos of a party to announce the sex of the fetus, held a few days before.

The party was held after Garnacho signed a new contract with MU with a 10-fold increase in his weekly salary. One of the pictures shows Garnacho and Eva holding his number 49 jersey, baby version.

“Where life begins and love never ends. We plan for your birth, know that you will come, fill our lives with love and excitement. Mom and Dad. can’t explain what it feels like to be able to fulfill our biggest dream together. We count the days to see you. Mommy and Daddy loved you so much Enzo,” the couple wrote in a joint post. May 1st.

Alejandro Garnacho and fellow beauty Eva knew each other for many years before publicly dating in early 2021. Eva followed her boyfriend to England when Garnacho started joining the MU youth team a year earlier. On their personal pages, both actively post romantic moments during dates, outings or family gatherings.

Garnacho was born in Madrid, to a Spanish father and an Argentine mother, so he can play for the national team of these two countries. The teen star played three games for Spain’s U18 team in 2021 before switching to Argentina’s youth team last year.

After being promoted to the MU first team in 2022, Garnacho played sublimely, having 6 goals and 6 assists after 33 matches. Garnacho idolizes C. Ronaldo, asking permission from the Portuguese superstar to imitate his celebration when both were teammates at MU last year.

In the match against Wolves last night, Garnacho came on at the beginning of the second half. The young teen star just returned from an ankle injury, competing aggressively. He scored a 2-0 victory for the Red Devils in the 4th minute of injury time of the match.

Before that, the Old Trafford team had the opening goal in the first half due to Martial’s attack. After the win against Wolves, MU has the same 66 points as Newcastle but is less than the goal difference, so it ranks 4th.


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