The Swᴏrd іп the Shіrt: Dᴏkս, Nսпes, Gvɑrdіᴏl – Mɑп Cіty’s Rіsіпg Stɑrs

Manchester City’s recent matches have witnessed the emergence of a formidable trio – Doku, Nunes, and Gvardiol. These three rookies have been instrumental in helping the team secure crucial victories.

In three consecutive matches, they have displayed exceptional skills and dedication, reinforcing Manchester City’s dominance on the pitch.

This article delves into the remarkable performances of these rising stars and their significant contributions to the team’s success.

  1. Doku’s Dazzling Impact:

Jeremy Doku, the Belgian winger, has been a relentless force on the field. His recent performances have left opposition defenses in shambles. In just 51 minutes against Nottingham Forest, Doku touched the ball 34 times, showcasing his ability to control the game.

He displayed impressive passing accuracy, completing 20 out of 21 passes (95%), and his dribbling skills proved to be a headache for the Forest defenders. Winning 7 out of 9 duels, Doku’s presence was a constant threat. His substitution was necessitated by a red card to Rodri, emphasizing Pep Guardiola’s desire to bolster the defense.

  1. Nunes: The Midfield Maestro:

In the same match, Portuguese midfielder Nunes was nothing short of fantastic. His quality assist for Erling Haaland’s goal and his commanding presence in midfield were pivotal in City’s dominant first half. Nunes seamlessly transitioned between offensive and defensive roles, highlighting his versatility.

His composure on the ball in tight situations demonstrates his maturity as a player.

  1. Gvardiol’s Defensive Brilliance:

Josko Gvardiol, valued at up to 90 million euros, showcased his worth in the match against Nottingham Forest. Deployed as a left-back, the former Leipzig midfielder effectively neutralized Forest’s attacking threats, Morgan Gibbs-White and Ola Aina.

Gvardiol’s performance was a testament to his ability to adapt and excel in various positions. He touched the ball 92 times, exhibited precise passing with a success rate of 85%, and delivered pinpoint crosses. Gvardiol’s contribution from the backline is akin to the impact of Virgil Van Dijk at his peak.

With Rodri not sent off in the second half, Gvardiol could have further demonstrated his prowess in creating opportunities for his teammates.


The emergence of Doku, Nunes, and Gvardiol has added a new dimension to Manchester City’s squad. Their exceptional performances in recent matches highlight their potential and the promising future they hold.

As these young talents continue to develop and mature, they will undoubtedly play an integral role in Manchester City’s quest for success. The trio’s dynamism, versatility, and dedication on the field bode well for the team’s prospects, making them a formidable trio – the sword in the shirt of Manchester City.


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