Top 10 Wealthiest Person in MU History – From Beckham to Ronaldo

Who among the past and present coaches and players associated with MU is the richest? This question has just had a satisfactory answer with Ronaldo surpassing his elder brother Beckham, rising to the top of the list of 10 richest people at MU.

The Manchester World website recently published very interesting statistical results about the wealth of past and present coaches and players attached to MU. At the top of the money rankings, especially the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo. More specifically, Ronaldo owns a huge fortune worth up to 400 million pounds.

It should be known that CR7’s contract with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia alone has helped the striker pocket an amount of 173 million pounds a year. In addition to the generous salary at the clubs he has experienced, including MU, Ronaldo also helps the huge fortune to expand further when doing business in hotels, real estate, restaurants, fashion …

Meanwhile, David Beckham, another former MU star with worldwide fame, had to ‘carry sandals’ for Ronaldo. More specifically, the value of assets that Becks accumulated is about 350 million pounds. The former captain of the England team has made a lot of money from advertising contracts with H&M, Adidas, Pepsi or the campaign to help Qatar promote the 2022 World Cup.

No wonder Becks was once glossed over as ” the chicken that lays golden eggs” in the world of football stars about the ability to print money. Only thing, the 48-year-old former player still had to shake his head to say hello to Ronaldo’s juniors with “nothing but money at home”.

The third position in the Top 10 richest characters at MU belongs to the Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still playing for AC Milan at the age of 41. The tall striker is holding a valuable fortune. 150 million pounds.

Immediately following Ibrahimovic is Wayne Rooney, MU’s all-time greatest striker with 253 goals. The legend of the Old Trafford team has an estimated fortune of 135 million pounds. This year, 37 years old, Rooney has had 13 years with MU and has had lucrative advertising contracts with brands such as Nike, Ford and Coca-Cola.

Meanwhile, with a total asset value of about £100 million, Jose Mourinho, the former MU coach, is ranked 5th on the list. In addition to the Portuguese coach, Mourinho, who is said to have pocketed less than 20 million pounds after leaving the Red Devils in 2018, another notable figure in the Top 10 richest people at MU is Sir Alex Ferguson when ranked 10th with a fortune of 55 million pounds.

Top 10 richest people in MU
1. Cristiano Ronaldo: £400m
2. David Beckham: £350m
3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: £150m
4. Wayne Rooney: £135m
5. Jose Mourinho: £100m
6. Paul Pogba: £77m
7. Raphael Varane: £66m
8. David de Gea: £60m
9. Rio Ferdinand: £60m
10. Sir Alex Ferguson: £55m


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