ʀescuing Senior Dogs: Couple’s Mission to Savᴇ Unwanted Shelter Pets!

When Chris and Mariesa launched the Mr. Mo Project, they had no idea how much it would grow. Their original goal was to provide care packages for senior canines at their local shelter, but it quickly grew to the point where they began taking in dogs themselves. The couple’s network of rescuers spans New York, Canada, and California, and they are committed to rescuing as many senior dogs as possible.

Over the past six years, the Mr. Mo Project has saved more than 500 animals. This is a remarkable feat, especially considering that many of these dogs would have been euthanized without their intervention. The inspiration for the initiative was Moses, a lovable canine who had overstayed his welcome at a local animal shelter. Chris and Mariesa took him in for four weeks before he passed away, and this experience inspired them to help other aging dogs who had similar difficulties.

The Mr. Mo Project’s mission is “the best for the rest,” which means that they want to provide senior canines with the best possible experience for the remainder of their lives. This is an incredible goal, and it’s one that the couple takes very seriously. They routinely solicit donations from well-wishers for expensive procedures, but on occasion, they fall short of their fundraising goals and have to pay for the therapy themselves. However, they joke that anything that isn’t nailed down in their residence could be sold!

Chris and Mariesa’s commitment to senior dogs is truly remarkable. They go above and beyond to ensure that these dogs enjoy a tranquil and comfortable retirement. They believe that all dogs deserve love, attention, and care, no matter their age or health status. Their selfless actions have inspired many people to get involved with the Mr. Mo Project, and they continue to make a significant impact in the lives of senior canines everywhere.

If you’re interested in supporting the Mr. Mo Project, there are several ways to get involved. You can make a donation on their website, volunteer your time or resources, or simply spread the word about their incredible mission. Every little bit helps, and your support could make a huge difference in the lives of senior dogs who deserve a second chance.


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