Heartbreaking: A Fearful and Traumatized Puppy Returns to Shelter

Heartbreaking: Scared and completely shut down puppy being returned to shelter by foster home

In Houston, Texas, at the BARC Animal Shelter, there’s a diminishing chance of restoring the faith of an 11-month-old puppy in humanity. Scarlett’s story began two weeks ago when her foster parents saved her from a dire fate, but they soon realized they lacked the skills needed to help a dog as fearful and shut down as she is.

Scarlett’s journey at the shelter began on May 10, 2023, when she arrived as a stray. Weighing 45 pounds and classified as a Labrador retriever mix, she immediately sought refuge in a shelter corner, showing signs of severe fear and trauma. She refused treats, trembling and shuddering when approached by anyone.

On May 15, she was scheduled for euthanasia, but a BARC foster heroically stepped in just in time to spare her from that fate. And now, she’s back at the shelter. It’s important to note that this isn’t Scarlett’s fault; she simply hasn’t yet learned to trust that people can be kind.

What Scarlett desperately needs now is an experienced foster caregiver, someone who can provide the love, patience, and understanding that she requires.

We urge you to share Scarlett’s story with your social media connections, family, close friends, and any respected rescue agencies you know. By spreading the word, we can potentially save lives and give Scarlett the second chance she so deserves.

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