400-Mile Flight: Pilot Brings Dying Shelter Dog to Loving Family for Final Days – happy ending in the back!

Doctors Warned She Only Had a Few Weeks to Live, So This Pilot Flew Her 400 Miles to Her New Family So That Her Final Days Would Be Filled with Love

Ashlyn, an aging dog in a North Carolina shelter, was in poor health. She had lost a lot of weight and was suffering from sarcomas, which were cancerous tumors beneath her skin. Her chances of finding a loving home were slim, and doctors gave her only a few weeks to live. However, fate intervened, and a pilot named Paul Steklenski decided to fly her 400 miles to her new family so that her final days would be filled with love.

Steklenski is used to carrying needy puppies to rescues so they can find loving homes. He regularly transports between 15 and 30 dogs per month. However, the elderly canines especially tug at his heartstrings. “Those are the ones where you really pay attention to what they are going through,” Steklenski told The Dodo.

Fortunately, Ashlyn struck gold when she met a couple named Karen and Bob Lander. They had recently lost their dog and were looking to open their home and hearts to another furry friend. Karen Lander, a veterinary technician, knew exactly how to care for Ashlyn’s many health problems, which ranged from skin disorders caused by chemical burns to malignancies.

To help Ashlyn gain weight, Lander started feeding her three times a day. She also provided her with vitamins to help her deal with her health issues. Slowly but surely, Ashlyn began to shift. “She is going out more,” Lander noticed. “She is an excellent eater…She adores me.”

Ashlyn moved in with the Landers in January, not knowing how long she would stay. Now that it is April, they do not think of her as the fospice dog, but as someone who reminds them to live in the now and appreciate every day — which is always a valuable lesson. “She realizes she is loved,” Lander added. “Whatever happens, she knows she is loved.”

Nobody expected Ashlyn to make such dramatic improvements. Her story is a testament to the power of love and care, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It also highlights the important work done by animal rescues and the people who volunteer their time and resources to help these furry friends find loving homes.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet, consider checking out your local animal shelter or rescue. You could make a world of difference in the life of a furry friend, just like the Landers did for Ashlyn.


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