A Heartfelt Act of Compassion: Woman Uses Tortillas to Rescue Stray Dog in Freezing Texas Winter

Amid a brutal winter storm that blanketed Texas in snow, an inspiring act of kindness unfolded on a frigid highway. Kristin Salinas, an ardent animal lover, was on her way home after purchasing tortillas when she spotted a shivering stray dog in desperate need of help.

Approaching the timid and cautious dog proved to be a challenge, as the frightened pup kept its distance, making rescue attempts difficult. However, Kristin’s compassionate nature led her to devise a clever solution – she utilized the tortillas she had just bought to entice the dog into her car.

On a mission to save the freezing dog, Kristin created a trail of tortilla slices, hoping to coax the hesitant pup into her vehicle. Despite the heavy snowstorm and the dog’s understandable wariness, Kristin persisted, dedicating nearly half an hour to her rescue mission.

In the end, the nervous Labrador cautiously approached Kristin’s car and hopped into the back seat. Her act of compassion had triumphed, ensuring the dog’s safety and warmth.

Kristin, speaking to Fox San Antonio, shared her hope that more people would pause to assist animals in need. She emphasized that the ultimate goal was to save the dog, even if it meant facing challenging circumstances. Moreover, Kristin disclosed that this wasn’t her first time rescuing an abandoned animal from the streets. She consistently offers help to these animals in dire need.

Taking the rescued dog home, Kristin ensured that he was protected from the harsh cold, guaranteeing a secure and warm night. The following day, her mission was to locate the dog’s owners. If this endeavor proved unsuccessful, she was ready to collaborate with an Animal Assistance Center to find the dog a loving forever home.

Kristin posted a photo of the rescued dog on the “Lost Dog, Cats & Pets” Facebook page in San Antonio, Texas, and issued a heartfelt plea: “Please share this post so we can locate this animal’s family! Description: a black Labrador retriever, male, with beautiful brown eyes. He’s safe, warm, and well-fed! We simply want to find his owners!”

The post garnered numerous shares and comments, with many expressing gratitude to Kristin for saving the dog’s life. The collective hope is that this rescued dog will soon find a permanent and loving home.

In conclusion, Kristin’s compassionate act serves as a reminder of the extraordinary bond between humans and animals and the lengths to which some will go to help those in need. Amid challenging circumstances, her kindness prevailed, offering hope and a chance for a better life to a deserving furry friend.


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