A Husky’s Heartbreak: Wiley’s Tearful Farewell to His Beloved Owner

In a poignant display of canine grief, Wiley the wolf-dog bids a tearful farewell to his beloved owner, Gladys, at her tombstone. The powerful emotions exhibited by this loyal husky serve as a testament to the profound bond between dogs and their human companions.

Unbearable Loss

Wiley, the devoted wolf-dog, found himself grappling with an unbearable loss—the passing of his cherished owner, Gladys. Unable to come to terms with her absence, Wiley’s grief was palpable as he lay beside her tombstone, sobbing uncontrollably.

A Heartrending Scene

In a heartrending video that has touched the hearts of countless viewers, Wiley can be seen wailing and shivering at Gladys’ funeral. Family members gathered around the mourning husky, their own grief mirrored in his mournful cries.

A Touching Moment

One particularly touching moment captured in the video shows a family member reaching out to comfort Wiley, whispering, “We miss her too.” It is a poignant reminder that dogs, like Wiley, share a deep emotional connection with their human companions and feel the pain of their loss.

An Emotional Outpour

The video, posted on YouTube by user SarahandtheWolves, has garnered over 9,174,611 views, a testament to the universal recognition of the depth of emotions that dogs can experience.

Wiley’s Noble Mission

Wiley is no ordinary dog; he is one of the military wolf-dogs dedicated to rehabilitating veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after their return from combat. These remarkable wolf-dogs offer much-needed rehabilitation and care to veterans through the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre (LARC), which specializes in wolf-dog and horse care.

Clarifying Concerns

To address concerns about Wiley’s well-being, SarahandtheWolves, the YouTube user who posted the video, reassured viewers, stating, “I’m not a vet, so I can’t say if he’s reverse sneezing like some of you…I can assure you that he has never done anything like

Wiley’s tearful farewell to his owner’s tombstone is a poignant reminder of the powerful sentiments that dogs hold for their human companions. In this heart-wrenching moment, we witness the depth of canine grief and the unwavering loyalty and love that dogs offer to those they hold dear.

It is a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their furry friends and serves as a touching tribute to the indomitable spirit of Wiley and the countless dogs who enrich our lives with their love and companionship.


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