Aʙandoned Dog Left to Perɪsh Tɪed to a Tree Instead of Being Rescued!

Daisy’s Rescue Story: From Abandoned and Terrified to a Life of Love

Daisy was once a happy and playful dog, but after her owner no longer had a use for her, she was abandoned in a dangerous area. She struggled to survive on scraps of food and was eventually cruelly tied to a tree by a resident who saw her as a nuisance. Daisy remained there for over 24 hours until someone called DAR Animal Rescue for help.

When rescuer Ermioni arrived, Daisy was barely conscious due to fear, hunger, and loneliness. She was so terrified of Ermioni that she believed she was in danger, even though no one else had come forward to help her. Daisy’s eyes grew wide with fear as Ermioni approached, but Ermioni did her best to hug and comfort her, feeling the rapid pounding of the dog’s heart. Ermioni quickly freed Daisy from the ropes and lifted her up, horrified by how the locals around her just stared without showing any concern for Daisy.

Unfortunately, Daisy’s health was not good when she visited the veterinarian. She had low blood pressure, high white blood cell count, and diarrhea due to the recent trauma. However, with treatment, Daisy quickly regained her health and was able to start anew in the shelter within a few days.

Although Daisy was physically better, the emotional damage she suffered still showed in her behavior around others. She was shy and withdrawn from both humans and animals. Watching other dogs play only reminded her of how lost she felt. It would take a long time for her to fully recover emotionally.

Daisy’s story is unfortunately not unique. Countless animals are abandoned and mistreated every day, but there is hope. Organizations like DAR Animal Rescue work tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate animals like Daisy, giving them a second chance at life.

If you are considering adopting a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter or rescue organization. Not only will you be giving a loving animal a forever home, but you will also be supporting an organization that is working to make a difference in the lives of animals in need.

In conclusion, Daisy’s story is a reminder that no animal deserves to be abandoned and mistreated. With the help of organizations like DAR Animal Rescue, these animals can have a second chance at life and find the love and care they deserve. By adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, you can make a difference in the lives of animals like Daisy and help to create a world where all animals are treated with kindness and respect.


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