Brodie: The Inspirational Dog Who Overcame Disability to Become a Therapy Dog!

Brodie: The Courageous and Endearing Dog Who Captivated Millions

Brodie is not your typical dog. This border collie and German shepherd crossbreed endured an assault by his own mother when he was just 13 days old, leaving him partially blind and with a permanently disfigured face. Despite these challenges, Brodie is an exceptional dog with an unwavering spirit and an endearing personality that has captivated millions.

Thankfully, Brodie found his forever home with Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames, who have welcomed him into their family with open arms. They have documented his journey on Instagram, where he has amassed a following of 159K followers.

Brodie’s story is not just heartwarming, but it’s also inspiring. Despite his disability, Brodie is highly energetic and intelligent. Amanda attests to this, stating that he has a healthy brain and can learn new tricks quickly. It’s this intelligence and boundless energy that make him an ideal candidate for becoming a therapy dog.

Brodie’s story highlights the importance of adopting dogs with disabilities. While some may see these dogs as less than perfect, they are just as deserving of love and attention as any other dog. In fact, dogs with disabilities like Brodie can provide even more love and companionship, as they often have an extra special appreciation for the people who care for them.

It’s also essential to note that training dogs with disabilities to become therapy dogs is not only possible, but it’s also highly beneficial for both the dog and the people they assist. Therapy dogs can help people with disabilities by providing comfort and companionship, reducing stress, and even aiding in physical therapy.

In conclusion, Brodie is not just an exceptional dog, but he’s also a symbol of hope and inspiration. His story serves as a reminder that dogs with disabilities are just as deserving of love and attention as any other dog. We can all learn from Brodie’s unwavering spirit and determination to overcome challenges, and we can all be inspired to make a difference in the lives of animals and people alike.


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