Creating a Cedar Waxwing Paradise: 7 Expert Tips for Your Backyard Haven (VIDEO)!

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cedar Waxwing Paradise in Your Own Backyard – 7 Tips for Success

If you’re a bird enthusiast or simply want to attract lively visitors to your yard, enticing Cedar Waxwings can be a wonderful idea.

These beautiful birds, renowned for their distinctive crest and bright yellow-tipped tail, are a joy to watch as they gracefully soar through the air.

To create a Cedar Waxwing paradise right in your own backyard, follow these 7 expert tips for success.

-Plant Native Trees and Shrubs:

Cedar Waxwings have a particular fondness for berries. To lure them to your yard, incorporate native trees and shrubs that bear fruit.

Examples of plants that Cedar Waxwings enjoy include chokeberry, serviceberry, and mountain ash.

The presence of these enticing food sources will undoubtedly attract these birds.

-Offer a Water Source:

Cedar Waxwings require a reliable source of water for drinking and bathing. To cater to their needs, provide a bird bath or fountain in your yard.

The sight of glistening water will act as a magnet, drawing Cedar Waxwings to your backyard oasis.

-Preserve Dead Trees:

Cedar Waxwings often choose to build their nests in dead trees. By leaving these trees standing in your yard, you create an appealing habitat for them.

Alternatively, you can create a dead tree by topping a live one and leaving the trunk intact, providing the ideal nesting spot for these birds.

-Add Feeders:

Cedar Waxwings have diverse dietary preferences, enjoying both insects and fruit.

Enhance their dining experience by adding a suet feeder or a mealworm feeder in your yard.

These supplemental food sources will attract Cedar Waxwings and provide them with a variety of delectable options.

-Avoid Using Pesticides:

Cedar Waxwings are highly sensitive to pesticides and other chemicals.

To safeguard their well-being and that of other birds, refrain from using these harmful products in your yard.

Embrace natural pest control methods that preserve the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

-Provide Shelter:

Like any other bird, Cedar Waxwings seek shelter and protection from predators.

Create a haven for them by planting trees and

-Embrace Native Landscaping:

Cedar Waxwings are naturally drawn to landscapes that mimic their native habitats.

Incorporate native plants, trees, and shrubs into your yard to create an inviting and familiar environment for these birds.

Native landscaping not only appeals to Cedar Waxwings but also fosters a thriving ecosystem.

By following these 7 expert tips, you can transform your backyard into a Cedar Waxwing paradise.

Witness the enchanting sight of these birds feasting on berries, refreshing themselves in the water, and seeking refuge among the foliage you’ve cultivated.

Enjoy the wonders of nature up close and cherish the memories of these elegant visitors in your very own sanctuary.



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