Deaf Dog Rehomed But Faces Heartbreaking Return to Shelter!

In the United States, it is estimated that 5–10% of dogs are deaf.

While some dogs become deaf as they age, others are born without hearing.

Hereditary deafness is often caused by a cochleosaccular gene mutation, and dogs with white coats and blue eyes are more likely to have this type of deafness.

Unfortunately, deaf dogs are often overlooked in animal shelters and can remain unvisited for extended periods of time.

This was the case for Blu, a deaf pit bull who was staying at an animal shelter in San Francisco.

Blu’s prospects for finding a new home seemed bleak until business partners Mark and Sean decided to adopt a deaf dog in the area.

Mark and Sean visited Family Dog Rescue and met two deaf dogs, one of whom was Blu.

Despite being in a shelter environment, Blu was vivacious and full of life, and Mark and Sean immediately felt a connection with her.

Mark recalls that “she took an immediate strong affinity to Sean and the rest is pretty much history.”

Blu’s story takes an unexpected turn when her initial owners got in touch with Mark and Sean to let them know that Blu had been living with them for six years before being put in the shelter.

Blu had been surrendered when her owners were forced to move into a rental home that did not allow pit bulls.

Despite being heartbroken, Mark and Sean made the difficult decision to honor Blu’s previous owners’ wishes and returned her to them.

However, Blu’s time with her previous owners was short-lived.

It became clear that they were unable to provide her with the care and attention she needed, and Blu was returned to the shelter.

Blu’s heartbreaking journey underscores the importance of carefully considering the commitment required to care for a pet before adopting.

Blu’s story also highlights the challenges faced by deaf dogs in animal shelters.

Without proper training and attention, deaf dogs may struggle to communicate and may be overlooked by potential adopters.

However, with patience and dedication, deaf dogs can make wonderful companions.

If you are considering adopting a deaf dog, it is essential to be prepared for the unique challenges and rewards that come with caring for a pet with hearing loss.

Deaf dogs require specialized training to learn to communicate effectively and may require additional support and accommodations to thrive in a home environment.

Despite the challenges, the love and companionship offered by a deaf dog are immeasurable.

With proper care and attention, these special pets can lead happy, healthy lives and make wonderful additions to any family.


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