Erling Haaland and Gorgeous Partner Spotted Exiting Manchester Flat After Epic Treble Celebrations

Erling Haaland and his girlfriend, Isabel Johansen, were seen leaving their Manchester apartment after a wild Treble celebration.

They appeared a bit tired as they left the house, following a few hours after leaving the nightclub. The couple had been celebrating Manchester City’s Treble victory, which included winning the National Championship and FA Cup.

Despite the rainy weather, the players and staff of Manchester City, along with the fans, celebrated the historic Treble achievement with enthusiasm.

Jack Grealish, in particular, stood out during the celebrations, admitting that he hadn’t slept since the win over Inter Milan. He enjoyed Champagne, played loud music, and even sang a song in honor of Bernardo Silva.

The next day, the Treble binge continued as the City stars went to a nightclub. Haaland and Grealish were seen together, and Haaland had earlier been recorded partying with Grealish.

The Norwegian striker, known for his goal-scoring prowess, seemed a bit worn out. It was later discovered that he had ended his relationship with someone else.

Haaland was seen wearing a tracksuit and trainers while holding a pair of Nike trainers in his hand. His girlfriend, Isabel, also wore a tracksuit as they headed out.

It’s unclear if they were going on a short holiday, but Haaland is expected to join the Norwegian national team for international duty soon.

Erling Haaland and Isabel Johansen have a romantic relationship and have known each other since Haaland joined the local team Bryne at the age of five.

They have been together for over a decade and have supported each other throughout Haaland’s career in different clubs.

In summary, Haaland and his girlfriend were seen leaving their Manchester apartment looking a bit tired after a wild Treble celebration.

They had been partying and enjoying the victory with the rest of the Manchester City team and fans.


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