Loving Family Dog Adopts Kittens and Nᴜʀtures Them as Her Own!

A Loving Family Dog Welcomes Two Rescued Kittens into Her Care

A heartwarming story of love and compassion was recently witnessed at Manhattan Animal Care and Control (MACC) when a loving family dog named Kona welcomed two rescued kittens into her care. The story of Kona, Milli, and Gilligan shows us that love knows no boundaries and that all animals can share a bond that is beyond words.

The MACC received two tiny kittens who were in urgent need of a temporary home, as their mother was not with them. The kittens were only 3 weeks old and were relying on each other for support. A MACC volunteer, Asa, offered to foster them, and thus began the story of Kona, Milli, and Gilligan.

Asa took the kittens into her home and named them Milli and Gilligan. Upon their arrival, the kittens quickly became comfortable and sought out love and attention from their foster parent. Asa decided to introduce the kittens to her 7-year-old dog Kona, who had a big heart and maternal instincts for kittens in need.

Kona had been rescued with her 3 puppies before being adopted, but unfortunately, she was returned to the shelter twice. Asa decided to foster Kona, which ended up as a “foster fail.” Kona was eager to meet the kittens, and as soon as she heard their tiny sounds from behind the door, she rushed into the room and started taking care of them like her own. The kittens were also delighted to meet Kona, and they immediately snuggled into her. Thus, they became an instant family!

Mama Kona quickly showered Milli and Gilligan with love, licked their faces, and took care of them. Whenever one of the kittens wandered off a bit too far, Kona would carry them back to the nest. She kept herself busy with the two little kittens, and when one cried, she tended to their needs right away. In short, Kona loved being a foster mom!

The kittens adore their new mother and can’t resist seeking her affection. When Kona hears their meows, she rushes to their side. This heartwarming story of Kona, Milli, and Gilligan shows us that animals can share a bond that is beyond words. The love and compassion that Kona has shown towards the kittens is a reminder that all animals deserve love and care.

In conclusion, this story is a perfect example of how animals can teach us about love and compassion. Kona, Milli, and Gilligan’s story is a testament to the fact that animals are capable of forming strong bonds with each other, regardless of their species. Let this story be a reminder that all animals deserve love and care, and that we should do our best to ensure that they receive it.


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