Meet the World’s Most Adorable Canine with Unbelievably Wrinkled Fur – A Must-See for Dog Lovers!

Meet Harvey, a six-month-old Shar Pei puppy with a unique appearance that looks more like a folded blanket than a dog. Harvey has soft skin and beautiful wrinkles that make him stand out from other dogs. He is owned by Teresa Moll Arguimbau, a 22-year-old from Menorca, Spain, who takes great care of him and shares her knowledge and experiences with other pet owners.

Shar Pei dogs originated from the Far East, and they originally had few wrinkles on their skin. However, over time, breeders have created more varieties of Shar Pei dogs, resulting in dogs like Harvey with a lot of wrinkles. Harvey’s wrinkles require special attention, including regular moisturizing to keep his skin soft and wrinkle-free.

According to Arguimbau, Harvey’s wrinkles are not just unique, but they are also very soft and beautiful. However, his wrinkles also require extra attention, especially when he drinks water. The water flows through his wrinkles, and Chloe, Harvey’s mother, has to lick the water from his wrinkles to keep him clean.

To maintain Harvey’s unique fur, Arguimbau has to apply moisturizer twice a day. Harvey loves to be pampered from head to toe, and he enjoys sunbathing and going to the beach. However, his special skin is quite sensitive to sunlight, so Arguimbau has to be careful when taking him out.

Harvey’s photos attract the attention of pet lovers on social media. In real life, Harvey is also famous throughout the island where he lives. Living on such a small island where everyone knows each other makes Harvey very famous, according to Arguimbau.

Harvey has two siblings, Dora and Louis, but both have moved to new homes. In the early days of his life, Harvey had vision problems, which required regular checkups and treatments from the vet. However, over time, he gradually regained his vision, although one eye still cannot see clearly.

In conclusion, Harvey is a unique and adorable Shar Pei puppy with soft skin and wrinkles that attract attention both online and in real life. His owner, Arguimbau, takes great care of him and shares her knowledge and experiences with other pet owners. If you are a pet owner, you can learn a lot from Arguimbau’s experience in taking care of Harvey’s unique skin and wrinkles.


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