Service Dog Receives Honorary Degree for Assisting Owner in Completing Graduate School!

Service Canines: Indispensable Companions for Individuals in Need

For individuals with disabilities or medical conditions, service dogs can be much more than just loyal companions. These highly trained animals can provide medical and emotional support, helping their owners navigate daily life with greater independence and confidence. In some cases, they can even make it possible for their owners to pursue educational and professional goals that would otherwise be out of reach.

One heartwarming example of the important role that service dogs can play in their owners’ lives comes from the story of Brittany Hawley and her dog Griffin. Brittany, who resides in Wilson, North Carolina, has complex regional pain syndrome and uses a wheelchair. She acquired Griffin through the paws4prisons program, which trains dogs to become service animals while providing valuable job training and rehabilitation to prison inmates.

When Brittany met Griffin, she knew he was the perfect companion for her. Unlike some other dogs she had encountered, Griffin was not afraid of her wheelchair. In fact, he eagerly leapt onto her lap and licked her face. From that moment on, the two were inseparable.

Griffin quickly proved his worth as a service dog by accompanying Brittany to all of her classes as she pursued her master’s degree in occupational therapy at Clarkson University. He helped her open doors, retrieve supplies, and provided emotional support during times of anxiety and depression.

When Brittany was preparing to graduate in late 2018, she knew she could not celebrate without Griffin. She had fought since day one for him to graduate alongside her, and she was determined to make it happen. Thanks to her efforts and the support of the university, Griffin was able to receive his own honorary degree for his “extraordinary contributions to student success.”

The university’s Board of Trustees recognized Griffin’s “extraordinary effort, steadfast commitment, and vigilant dedication to Brittany’s well-being and academic success.” This recognition was a testament not just to Griffin’s abilities as a service dog, but also to the importance of service dogs as a whole in supporting individuals with disabilities or medical conditions.

Service dogs undergo extensive training to become proficient in a range of skills that can help their owners in many different ways. They can detect changes in blood sugar levels, alert their owners to oncoming seizures, and assist with mobility tasks such as retrieving dropped items or opening doors. Additionally, they provide a constant source of companionship and emotional support that can be invaluable for individuals who may otherwise feel isolated or alone.

For these reasons and many more, service dogs are becoming increasingly recognized as essential aids for individuals in need. Whether helping their owners navigate daily life or providing crucial support during educational or professional pursuits, service dogs are true companions who make a tangible difference in the lives of their owners.


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