Stray Puppy Survives After Being Hit by Car and Left in Snow for 12 Hours

The road can be a treacherous place for both humans and animals.

Unfortunately, countless animals fall victim to accidents involving vehicles every day.

In this heartwarming story from a northern community in Alberta, Canada, a stray puppy faced a harrowing ordeal after being hit by a car.

Left immobile in the freezing snow for 12 hours, her chances of survival seemed bleak.

However, thanks to the compassionate actions of a group of teenagers and the dedicated efforts of animal rescue organizations, the puppy’s life was saved.

Animal-vehicle collisions are a distressingly common occurrence worldwide, resulting in the loss of millions of animal lives each year.

Sadly, many drivers fail to stop and provide assistance when they strike an animal. In America alone, the toll is alarmingly high.

In this incident, the injured puppy suffered a broken pelvis, rendering her unable to move. With temperatures plummeting below freezing, her survival seemed unlikely without immediate intervention.

Fortuitously, a group of observant teenagers came across the injured puppy lying in the snow.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they quickly contacted the AB Task Force, an animal rescue organization.

The AB Task Force promptly reached out to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) for assistance.

Upon arrival, the rescuers were disheartened to discover that the puppy had been immobile for over 12 hours in the freezing cold.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the rescuers acted swiftly to transport the puppy to SAVE vet clinic.

The puppy’s body heat had melted the snow beneath her, exacerbating her dire situation. Weak and cold, she clung to a fragile thread of hope.

The veterinarians at SAVE vet worked tirelessly to treat her broken pelvis, providing the necessary medical attention to stabilize her condition.

Following the successful treatment, the puppy, affectionately named Nutmeg due to her rusty orange-colored fur, was placed in a comfortable crate to aid her recovery.

Over the course of six weeks, Nutmeg received an abundance of care, love, and attention from her rescuers.

The crate became her sanctuary, filled with delectable treats that brought her joy. Nutmeg reciprocated the love she received by showering her rescuers with kisses and wagging her tail in delight.

Nutmeg’s journey towards a forever home was facilitated by the unyielding efforts of the AARCS and the compassionate actions of the teenagers who found her.

Their collective dedication and care transformed her life.

Today, Nutmeg thrives in her new loving family, surrounded by affection and warmth. Her remarkable story stands as a testament to the power of love and compassion for animals in need.

The heartwarming rescue of Nutmeg, a stray puppy left immobile in the snow after being hit by a car, showcases the incredible impact that human kindness can have on an animal’s life.

Thanks to the prompt actions of the teenagers and the unwavering commitment of the AARCS, Nutmeg survived her freezing ordeal and found her forever home.

This inspiring tale serves as a reminder that by extending a helping hand to animals in distress, we can create a world filled with love and compassion for all creatures.


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