The Fearless Connection: Man Uses His Bare Hands to Control a Giant Crocodile

In the untamed wilderness of Queensland, Australia, there exists a man who has forged a remarkable connection with one of nature’s most fearsome predators—the saltwater crocodile. Rob Bredl, affectionately known as the “Barefoot Bushman,” has made a name for himself by engaging in extraordinary acts of bravery and affinity with these colossal reptiles. In this story, we delve into the world of the “Swamp Assassin” and his daring encounters with saltwater crocodiles.

A Fearless Bond

Rob Bredl’s unique hobby involves sitting atop the backs of massive saltwater crocodiles, armed with nothing but a stick and a hat. His fearless acts include luring these formidable creatures toward riverbanks and even pulling them from the water. Bredl’s audacious exploits have not only earned him fame but have also challenged common perceptions of crocodiles.

A Different Perspective

“When people think of crocodiles, they want something dramatic or dangerous, which makes them satisfied. But after seeing what I’ve done with these reptiles, they’ll be amazed,” Bredl shared during an interview with the Daily Mail. His unconventional approach to these apex predators is rooted in a profound understanding of their behavior and instincts.

The Performance

During one of his awe-inspiring performances, Rob Bredl showcased his mastery over the “killer of the swamps.” With his hand submerged in the water, he used a stick to pique the crocodile’s interest. Bredl’s confidence in handling nearly 800 kg crocodiles stems from years of experience. He knows that saltwater crocodiles, while fearsome underwater, become less agile once on land.

Balancing Fear and Alertness

Despite his apparent relaxation during these encounters, Bredl remains acutely aware of the immense danger that these giant reptiles pose. Having been bitten by crocodiles and venomous snakes over 40 times, he continues to pursue his risky calling. Bredl quipped, “I’m probably the luckiest and craziest person in the world. Crocodiles and snakes have bitten me many times, but I still won’t give up this job.”

A Family of Wildlife Enthusiasts

Rob Bredl’s family shares his passion for wildlife. They reside on a farm and wildlife sanctuary near Airlie Beach, Queensland, which spans 0.7 hectares. Besides crocodiles, the farm is home to emus, koalas, kangaroos, birds, snakes, and various reptiles. It serves as both a haven for these creatures and an educational center for visitors eager to learn about these “little salt grains,” as Bredl affectionately calls them.

The Remarkable Control

Despite the relatively small brain size of saltwater crocodiles, Rob Bredl’s ability to control them is nothing short of remarkable. He explains, “Crocodiles are not as intelligent as dolphins or other animals, but they have a simple, focused instinct. If you can understand their nature and behavior, they’re not that difficult to manage.”

Rob Bredl, the “Swamp Assassin,” is a living testament to the extraordinary connections that can be forged between humans and even the most formidable creatures in the animal kingdom. His fearless encounters with saltwater crocodiles challenge our perceptions and highlight the importance of understanding and respecting nature’s wonders.


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