Toromont Cat Introduces Anaconda Screening Product Line to Eastern Canada

Toromont Cat’s Crushing Division has recently introduced the new Anaconda screening product line at events across Eastern Canada. Anaconda, a McLanahan company established in 2005, offers a diverse range of material handling equipment, including screeners, crushers, scalpers, and mobile conveyors.

The operator-friendly design of Anaconda’s equipment further ensures ease of use and improved productivity for customers.

The recent introduction of the Anaconda screening product line at various events across Eastern Canada has garnered significant attention, with hundreds of attendees witnessing the live demonstrations of Anaconda’s versatile machinery.

As part of the renowned McLanahan company, Anaconda brings a wealth of experience and expertise in material handling equipment, making them an ideal addition to Toromont Cat’s portfolio.

Anaconda’s product range includes screeners, crushers, scalpers, feeding, and mobile conveyors, offering comprehensive solutions for diverse material handling needs. This new line perfectly complements Toromont’s existing range of aggregate equipment, enhancing their ability to cater to both large and smaller scale operations.

One of the key advantages of integrating Anaconda’s products into Toromont’s offerings is the incorporation of Caterpillar engines across all Anaconda models. As a premier Caterpillar dealer, Toromont Cat’s service technicians are already well-trained in handling these engines, ensuring seamless serviceability and efficient maintenance for customers.

Rob Hodgson, Crushing Specialist for Toromont Cat, stressed that their service technicians are well-equipped to address any issues promptly, thanks to their familiarity with Caterpillar engines and the company’s extensive fleet of service trucks.

Anaconda’s user-friendly design philosophy aligns perfectly with Toromont Cat’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences. The operator-friendly design of Anaconda’s equipment streamlines workflows, simplifies training, and increases overall productivity on job sites.

Eric Rennie, Crushing & Paving Products Manager at Toromont Cat, acknowledged the significance of Anaconda’s user-friendly approach. He highlighted that customers appreciate the simplicity of operation, making the equipment accessible even for smaller scale operations without extensive experience in handling heavy machinery.

Toromont Cat’s introduction of the Anaconda screening product line marks an exciting advancement for the construction and material handling industry in Eastern Canada. With Anaconda’s diverse equipment offerings and Caterpillar engines, Toromont Cat is well-prepared to serve the needs of both large and smaller scale operations.

The operator-friendly design further enhances the customer experience, emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing efficient service and support.

As Anaconda becomes a major player in the industry, Toromont Cat solidifies its position as a leading provider of top-quality crushing and screening equipment, ready to meet the evolving demands of their valued customers.


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